Why do you need CRM integrated FSM software?

CRM feature helps you store customer data and convert a qualified sales lead into a customer. In addition, Field service management is responsible for the after-sale process, in which businesses manage their team of field technicians, oversee service delivery, and ensure quality service.

What is a CRM feature in field service?

CRM feature in FieldWeb is nothing but a feature that helps your business deliver onsite service to customer locations.

The field service management software blends process automation, job scheduling algorithms, and mobility to prepare mobile workers for success when they’re on the job site addressing problems for customers.

Key Features of Field Service CRM

Optimized Scheduling

CRM feature in the field service management software enables your company:

  • To assign jobs to the people.
  • Maintain equipment automatically.
  • Schedules work orders to field technicians and even cases to customer service reps.

Using Field Service CRM, it becomes easy for you to create and manage multiple work orders for your customers and assign them to concerned field technicians. It allows you to:

  • Access data throughout your service solution and improve productivity.
  • Add items, service jobs, customer location, and attributes to provide a complete picture of what needs to be done.

FieldWeb’s CRM feature provides you with complete information from generating work orders to dispatching technicians.

You can quickly gain insight into field service technicians’ locations and help you to keep track of technicians being assigned the right job. In addition, it allows you to match different technician capabilities with specific job requirements as per regulatory requirements, customer preference, and service agreements.

Easy Management of customers

Inbuilt Field Service, CRM solution makes it easy to manage newly installed or existing customer assets.

It automatically detects, troubleshoots, and even resolves almost all issues remotely, and sends the reports directly to the service managers working in the back-office system.

The FieldWeb’s Field Service CRM allows you to:

  • automatically eliminate many urgent customer phone calls to create and manage maintenance services.
  • Reassign the technician’s tasks to reduce the number of work visits you need to make.

It reduces the total downtime; this proactive strategy enhances customer satisfaction. Customers’ productivity is not harmed as a result of device repairs. The CRM feature alerts and sends notifications to you and your technicians when there is any change in the position. Thus, the solution maintains everything from scheduled maintenance to “just-in-time” preventative maintenance.

Full Mobility

The Field Service CRM provides a technologically advanced solution; the solution helps you equip your field technicians with all the essential tools while visiting the customer’s location.

With its time tracking functionality, it becomes easy for you to follow the total time required by techs to complete the work. Furthermore, this fully automated system gives you access to detailed maps, work orders, stock levels, client information, and needed tasks.

Customer’s feedback

The good part of the FieldWeb’s Field Service CRM is that it instructs field technicians with turn-by-turn directions on a map to reach the destination. It also shows the quickest routes between jobs to perform and administer the time-saving functionality for a specific day.

The CRM feature supports your field techs to take photos and the customer’s signature once the work order is completed. Such information of completed work is shared with your service managers. Along with this, creating invoices for your customers becomes very simple.

While these are some considerable advantages to having an integrated FSM and CRM, it is critical to remember that integration can increase the complexity and expense of the solution. You can prevent a complex integration with FieldWeb. We offer simple, quick, and configurable integrations with our FSM solution so that you can reap the benefits. As previously mentioned, an integrated CRM feature and FSM are essential to the survival of your field service business. It would help if you assured the success of both systems to ensure the success of your organization.

FieldWeb is a complete field service management that seamlessly integrates with your CRM feature. Being partnered with FieldWeb is an example of integrating with one of the best CRM feature providers.

Sign up for FieldWeb today to learn more about how FieldWeb can increase revenue, visibility, and much more.




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